e-Bikes specialising in last mile delivery for the gig economy - supported by the world's leading platform for commercial micromobility fleets

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E-bike platform

OneVentures invested in Zoomo via a joint venture credit funding with Viola as part of $16M Series A round (August 2020)

Zoomo is disrupting last mile delivery and transforming the way that companies and gig economy workers approach the future of logistics. The trend for electric vehicles cannot be ignored – with increasing consumer demand and more focus than ever on greener behaviours from corporations, Zoomo see e-bikes as leading the future of last-mile delivery.

Not only do e-bikes integrate seamlessly with the growth of local delivery services, the potential of electric vehicles to replace traditional fleets of cars and trucks for the last-mile makes long term sense as increased fuel costs, maintenance and insurance all impact the viability of traditional delivery methods in the long term.

Zoomo bikes deliver in more ways than one:

  • Sustainable delivery solutions that do not reduce profitability, decarbonising the last mile
  • Increased opportunities for delivery riders, as a driver’s license is not required for e-bikes
  • Fast growing category – in the US alone, e-bike sales are up 139% to US $681m YTD April 2021
  • Bespoke IoT technology, enabling riders and fleet managers to manage their bikes via a central online platform
  • Reporting and analytics, for continuous improvement and better control over safety and security
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18 May 2022
17 May 2022
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