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Healthcare investment is part of our DNA here at OneVentures. Our first fund, our first investment, our first exit and our first investor returns came from OneVentures’ Partners wanting to improve the quality of life of people around the world. Now, we have even stronger ambitions to accelerate the healthcare companies of tomorrow.

We look for entrepreneurs and ideas that not only deliver clear patient benefits, but also create accessibility and the democratisation of healthcare treatment for all people. We are interested in transformative technology that will deliver best-in-class patient outcomes with global reach and impact, advancing science, communication, care and patient experience.

Active Fund

OneVentures Healthcare Fund III

We invest in entrepeneurs and technologies that have the potential transform healthcare and health outcomes globally with a focus on therapeutics, devices and diagnostics at or near clinical development. Our healthcare team look to partner with founders and CEOs who have a clear commercial, regulatory and reimbursement pathway, who have strong ESG principles as a foundation of their business.

Licenced  under the Commonwealth Government’s Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF) programme, the fund targets investments of $10 to $20 million per company in Australian domiciled companies. The OneVentures team provides support to drive these opportunities through the clinical, regulatory and reimbursement processes to achieve prominence in global markets.

The OneVentures Healthcare Investment Pillar

Experience in the field

The OneVentures healthcare team has a strong history of biomedical entrepreneurship, with experience commercialising biomedical innovation across the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia.

Partnering with portfolio companies

OneVentures’ investing strategy focuses on investing to milestones – to ensure we are only partnering with those companies that are performing and achieving key validation steps. We look towards proof of clinical efficacy and safety, backed by quality science with a clear regulatory and reimbursement path.

Investing in people, science and operations

The OneVentures team have a hands on approach with our investments, and believe in the quality of people and relationships to deliver long term success. With a history of achievement in transforming ideas, technologies and products into successful businesses, our collaborative approach looks to deliver successful outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Criteria for Entrepreneurs

To fit our mandate, your company must be:

  • Domiciled in Australia, and planning to carry out substantial
    R&D in Australia
  • Developing either therapeutics, medical devices, or
  • Clinical stage or less than a year from first in-human studies
  • Privately owned and unlisted

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Healthcare Investment cases
Ventured. Gained.

We believe that the world’s most transformative companies will be those that benefit society.

That’s why we apply a Responsible Investment filter to all prospective portfolio companies, especially seeking those that demonstrate strong ESG principles.

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