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Venture Credit Fund VI

OneVentures’ new venture credit fund provides a compelling risk / return profile from an asset class experiencing increased adoption in a growing market by a manager with unrivalled experience and proven track record.


Growth Fund V

The OneVentures Growth Fund V launched in November 2020 with first close at circa $75M and looking to raise up to $200M.

The Fund will focus on technology, tech-enabled and healthcare growth stage companies investing up to $20M+ per company. The companies will be high quality scale-up technology businesses but may have fallen outside of the traditional VC mandate, bootstrapped or require support with corporate restructuring, offshore market entry and expertise to accelerate their next phase of growth. OneVentures’ operational and strategic expertise is provided in partnership with the leadership teams of our portfolio companies helping them to unlock their full potential.

The investment strategy for the fund considers major global thematics such as remote workforces, pandemic disruption, rapid digitisation of global economies, clean energy transition, urbanisation, aging populations, access to education and affordable healthcare. Companies selected for the portfolio provide an innovative product or service with a positive benefit to society. Examples of company opportunities may be in collaboration tools, remote workforce management, aged and disability care, food production, platforms servicing healthcare and education, the enterprise cloud, logistics, property and infrastructure optimisation and management, robotics and automation, Internet of Things (IoT and sensors), big data and artificial intelligence (AI). The Fund has a preference for subscription based/recurrent revenue business models.



Venture Credit Fund IV

The 1V Venture Credit Fund reached final close on 30th June 2020 raising $80M. The Fund is a collaboration with Viola Credit of Israel and will provide circa $120M in debt financing for high-growth technology companies predominantly in Australia and New Zealand.

The Fund is focused on rapidly growing companies that are differentiated through technological innovation, with strong revenue growth. In particular, OneVentures is looking for companies operating in the SaaS, fintech, marketplace and e-commerce spaces, who are led by exceptional founding teams and generating >$3-5M in revenue.

Venture credit (also referred to as venture debt) is attractive to companies seeking a less dilutive financing option, or companies looking to incorporate debt within the funding mix of their capital raising round. It provides a longer capital runway, allowing companies more time to achieve important milestones before a subsequent round of financing. In the same way as our equity investments, the OneVentures team will continue to provide insight, network and strategic knowledge to the investee company.

The Fund is seeking technology companies with a strong product market fit, investing $500K to $10M per company and making approximately 20 investments.


1V Venture Growth Fund (VGF)

In partnership with Invest Vic, the 1V VGF launched its $30M fund in November 2021. The fund has a similar mandate with the Venture Credit Fund IV but is specifically targeting companies in Victoria. The fund is seeking technology companies with strong product market fit and recurrent revenue models, generating >$3m in revenue. The Fund will invest between $500K to $6M per company and will be able to invest together with Venture Credit Fund IV for larger investments.


OneVentures Healthcare Fund III

In December 2016 OneVentures launched its $170M Healthcare Fund III. This Fund invests in therapeutics, devices and diagnostics at or near clinical development with a clear commercial, regulatory and reimbursement pathway; and well-defined value inflection and exit points on deal entry.

The fund will invest $10 to $20 million per company in Australian domiciled companies. The OneVentures team will provide support to drive these opportunities through the clinical, regulatory and reimbursement processes to achieve prominence in global markets.

The fund is licensed under the Commonwealth Government’s Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF) programme. The BTF programme was established to provide a pool of public and private funds for investment in promising biomedical innovations with commercialisation potential managed by leading Australian venture firms. OneVentures was granted an $85 million license supported by matching capital from its private investor network. The BTF funding provides benefits to investors both during the investment phase and on realisation.

Funds allocated

OneVentures Innovation and Growth Fund II

The OneVentures Innovation and Growth Fund II was launched in October 2014 with $75M in funds available for investment in technology and healthcare businesses.

Fund II is focused on later stage companies seeking growth and development capital including for offshore expansion. Fund II is currently seeking technology companies with a strong product market fit and a clear path to revenue of $3 to 5M over the next 12 months. In particular, we are looking at investment opportunities where the experience of the OneVentures management team can be leveraged to accelerate value creation and company success. The fund looks to invest on average $5M and up to $10M into any one company.

Funds allocated

OneVentures Innovation Fund I

The OneVentures Innovation Fund is a $40M venture capital fund established to provide capital and expertise to early stage (seed and Series A companies). This fund was launched in 2010 with the Commonwealth Government committing $20M from its Innovation Investment Fund programme matched by $20M capital from private sector investors. Capital from this fund is fully deployed.

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