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What we do?

OneVentures is one of Australia’s leading venture capital firms, with over $700M in funds under management. But we do more than invest. We take companies to that all important next stage, by actively shaping their future. We apply our years of international experience, operational and executional expertise to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

A global growth focus drives our investment selection with our current portfolio including companies with truly innovative products tackling multi-billion-dollar problems, from needle-free vaccinations to virtual communications to adaptive e-learning.

Game changers, that deliver lasting gains.

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OneVentures Healthcare

OneVentures has a long history of supporting healthcare and bio-tech innovation. By bringing hands-on business experience and providing mentorship to key senior leaders, our contribution alongside our capital investment is designed to give their companies the best possible probability to succeed.

We actively support innovation in companies who are changing the way patients will be treated in the future, ultimately providing better healthcare outcomes around the world. We understand that venture capital is a critical component for the progress of biotech innovation, providing both expertise and capital to help drive the success of businesses.

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OneVentures Technology

OneVentures has a passion for technology and innovation. The companies we invest in are high quality scale-up technology businesses, many who may require support with corporate restructuring, offshore market entry and expertise to accelerate their next phase of growth. OneVentures’ operational and strategic expertise is provided in partnership with the leadership teams of our portfolio companies helping them to unlock their full potential.

Our investment strategy considers major global thematics such as remote workforces, rapid digitisation, clean energy transition, urbanisation, aging populations, access to education and affordable healthcare. Companies selected for the portfolio provide an innovative product or service with a positive benefit to society.

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Venture credit

OneVentures Venture Credit

OneVentures are a market leader in providing venture credit in Australia. When our first Venture Credit Fund (80M) established in 2019, we enabled access to alternative funding options whilst also offering the mentorship and business advisory that is more usually associated with Venture Capital investment. One of the key advantages of Venture Credit is that it provides capital without forcing founders to give up equity in their business. We have since launched two additional funds: Venture Credit Fund VI targeting 150M, and the Victorian Growth Fund (in Partnership with the Victorian Government), managing the deployment of 30M in funding.

We believe that great innovation can scale with the help of some innovative funding.
Our Venture Credit Funds provide loans to rapidly growing companies that are differentiated through technological innovation, with strong revenue growth.

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How we work

Very thorough in our due diligence, spending the time up-front to find the right partnerships to join our portfolio

Strong ESG Credentials and a commitment to delivering returns for people, planet and profit

Our leadership team are also successful entrepreneurs, able to share valuable expertise

Our results

Some of the companies we invested in have gone on to become global gamechangers.

  • Employment Hero: Connects and empowers over 80,000 businesses across the world with a digital suite of powerful employment tools, including ways to way to manage HR, people, payroll and productivity
  • Vaxxas: Revolutionising vaccination by replacing needle/syringe with a small patch that is applied briefly to the skin.
  • Blade Therapeutics: Transforming the treatment of debilitating, incurable fibrotic and neurodegenerative diseases that impact millions of people worldwide
  • Flippa: A digital asset marketplace with listings from over 100 countries, and a record marketplace value exceeding $470M
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