Needle-free vaccine delivery technology transforming what's possible with vaccines

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    Healthcare & biotech

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    Dr Paul Kelly

  • Deal Team

    Dr Michelle Deaker, Anne-Marie Birkill

  • 1V Board Representation

    Dr Paul Kelly, Chairman(2011-current),
    Sarah Meibusch, Alternate Director (Board Observer)
    (2020 – current), Anne-Marie Birkill,
    Board Observer (2016-2020),
    Dr Michelle Deaker, Board Observer (2011-2014)


Vaxxas is commercializing a novel vaccination technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing and next-generation vaccines. Developed at the University of Queensland, Vaxxas’ high density micro array patch technology (HD-MAP) technology uses a patch with thousands of vaccine-coated microprojections that is applied to the skin for a few seconds to efficiently deliver vaccine to the abundant immune cells immediately below the skin surface. The technology aims to provide a needle-free vaccine delivery product that safely and cost effectively increases vaccine effectiveness.

Vaxxas’ approach shifts the value paradigm of vaccines. Vaxxas’ HD-MAP platform has been productized for commercial use, validated in human clinical studies and designed for manufacture at scale.

Important benefits of use of the HD-MAP include thermostability with potential to eliminate the cold chain and cold storage, robust and dose efficient with faster and enhanced immune response, accessibility with potential for self-administration which could dramatically reduce costs in a pandemic to deliver a vaccinated person, reduction in needle stick injuries and needle phobia– overall resulting in significant cost savings and greater compliance with vaccination programs.


Lower dose

  • Only a fraction of the vaccine dose is needed, compared to when administered by needle and syringe – studies in humans to date indicate that as little as 20% of the dose administered by needle and syringe is needed

Robust and Enhanced Immune Response

  • Direct delivery of the vaccine to key immune cells just below the outer surface of the skin enables the HD-MAP to potentially enhance the immune response generated by a vaccine
  • Response time to a vaccinated person is shortened: Potential for faster and more durable antibody response giving rise to earlier and longer lasting immunity.

No cold chain

  • Temperature stability is achieved through a novel proprietary coating technology, eliminating the need for costly cold distribution chains.
  • Vaccines could therefore be administered in parts of the world where cold chain infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent. This is a prevalent issue with vaccine delivery today

Cost effective

  • High volume, low-cost production would be possible, by taking advantage of both established and proprietary manufacturing techniques

Potential for self-administration

Clinical Genomics
18 May 2022
18 May 2022
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